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Technical Datasheet
Product: Viroc Grey
Application: Floor, walls and ceilings
Architecture: Antón García-Abril | Ensamble Studio
Photography: Roland Halbe
Location: Spain

The Spanish architect’s office, Ensemble Studio, was given the mission of transforming the former Madrid Matador into a Reader’s House, a benchmark cultural centre for contemporary creation in the city of Madrid.





The project is developed by the Germán Sánchez Ruipérez Foundation and led by the Spanish architect Antón García-Abril. It maintains and enhances the original nature of the manufacturing facility, combining the interior metal structures and original exterior masonry walls with precast concrete and Viroc that are now added to the building. This marks a clear difference from the original building while keeping the memory of the site as its history embarks on a new direction.

Casa del Lector thus becomes a symbiotic correlation between the universe of books and the architecture where the art of the word seems to flow through its contemporary shapes and materials.

Casa del Lector can host cultural activities of all kinds, such as exhibitions, conferences, training courses, creativity workshops, music concerts, film and performing arts festivals. These activities combine with applied research to contribute to the creation of a reader who understands, appreciates, assimilates, shares and interprets the world, society and our time.

Viroc Grey was the material chosen for all floors and for installation on some walls and ceilings.

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